Jewellery Remodelling

Michele is a qualified jeweller , & is available to redesign or remodell your jewellery.

Below are some words from happy customers:

Jewellery sketch"After over 30 years of marriage my tiny, white gold wedding and engagement rings were too tight so rather than resizing, I made the decision to have them remodelled into one ring that represented my marriage to this point and that would also move forward with me for the next 30 plus years. I also wanted to include a yellow gold solitaire ring that had a special family connection.

I had spoken to another jeweller who didn't seem to be on the same wavelength with what I envisaged for my new ring. I was being steered to a classic, traditional design which, although beautiful, wasn't really me.

I spoke to Michele and my instructions were that I like unusual pieces of jewellery and I also treasure the fact that most of my pieces 'tell a story'. I wanted my ring to tell its own story of the last three decades.

Michele only took a couple of hours to come up with a number of ideas for me that would suit my three diamonds. She saved the best idea to last and when she showed me a sketch and some pictures of similar concepts I knew instantly that was it! I couldn't believe how quickly she connected with me and knew exactly what I wanted. My husband and I are thrilled with my ring. The balance of diamonds to gold is just perfect and the size is in proportion with my smallish fingers/hand. I think Michele has come up with an interesting combination of modern styling, but classic design.

Although the ring is white gold, the original yellow gold from the solitaire is included in a lovely sweep along half of the ring. The three diamonds (representing my family) are now bezel set in an asymmetrical design. The band is in a slight wave shape, which represents living all my married life by the sea. I am thrilled that so many elements of the three original rings are still evident in the one ring, so the minute I put it on it felt familiar. The craftsmanship of the ring is superb.

pink-white-setI just love my beautiful, unique 'wedagement' ring! I highly recommend Michele as a master jeweller and designer and for being so enthusiastic and lovely to work with! Thank you Michele!!!"

Sandra O